MAMP issues

I’ve been sitting with a small PHP project and MAMP suddenly decided not to start the MySQL server. The MAMP version I use is: running on a Windows 10 PRO 64-bit version.

It took some investigation to understand why and how to get around it. I haven’t found any solution that actually correct this, but I have at least a work-around for it and that I will share here.

When I start MAMP the normal way I will receive the following:

MAMP with started servers…

As you can see MySQL didn’t start and the reason for this is a file that’ll not be deleted automatically when MySQL server is stopped. The file that has to be removed is located in the \MAMP\db\mysql with the name:

The highlighted file (mysql-bin.index) has to be removed

When this file is removed you can start MAMP again and MySQL server will start as normal.

Similarly when you stop the servers via MAMP menu I’ve seen situations where MySQL doesn’t shut down properly. To fix that situation you have start Task Manager and manually kill the mysqld process.

mysqld has to be terminated manually

Just right-click on the mysqld process and select ‘End task’ .

When you now head back to MAMP dialogue you will find that MSQL server as terminated here as well.


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