CRUD, C#, SQLite, using Windows Forms

This course will give you the knowledge how to use C# to create a full CRUD application using Windows Forms.
We are going to use Visual Studio 2017 Community and create this CRUD application using SQLite as our database.
We will also be using supporting tools for SQLite that is called, DB Browser. This tool will help us to create the database structure, import and export data, etc.

Tools and development environment can be downloaded for free – full instructions inside this course regards to installation and configuration.

You can have a closer look at UDEMY to find a more detailed view of the content.

What you’ll learn

C# CRUD programming using Windows Forms and SQLite as the database. The application we will create during this course is a full CRUD application (Create, Read, Update and Delete) records using the easiest code possible.

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

There are no hard requirements but having programming in a C-like language will be helpful. The software we will use are all free and instructions of downloads and installation will be part of the course.

Who this course is for

Anyone that needs to understand how to create a CRUD application using C# and Windows Forms. Visual Studio 2017 Community and SQLite will be used.

This is what you will build

version 1

This is the application that will be built during the 10 first sections.
It is a simple but full CRUD application where I use the simplest code possible as the focus is for you to understand how you connect to a database (in this case SQLite) the easiest way possible.

version 2

In a number of sections the application will be extended as to the picture here above (version 2).

Here we have added following fields: Website, Comments, ZIP-code, and also some search functionality and a possibility to use pictures for each record as well.

This will require that we’ll extend the database, the user interface (UI), etc. The important takeaway here is to understand that this is not very difficult to do.

Course content

All in total 18 lecture with a almost 3 hours of on-demand videos.

You can have a closer look at UDEMY to find a more detailed view of the content.

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