CRUD, C#, SQLite, using Windows Forms – PART2

Earlier this week the PART 2 of this course was released.
As mentioned earlier the database has been extended as well as the UI accordingly.

New UI – User Interface

We have also used exception handling to secure the application from crashes when the database has been renamed, moved, or deleted.
Another important improvement is adding search functionality as well.

When the number of records grows scrolling up and down in the DataGrid is not efficient enough. After we extended this functionality, you can now search records using Company name, Last name, or First name.

Now when Part 2 of this course is released, I would guess you will ask if there will be a Part 3 as well. I would say it is a good question but I have no such plans at the moment, even though I can see a number of improvement being added: Input validation, picture of individuals or logos for companies as well as creation of installation program (.MSI) for installation of the app for other users or on other computers.

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